Friday, 26 August 2011

Global Alpha 2

Posting a bit late in the week but better late than never.

We played AAGlobal Alpha 2 last Sunday with the following set up:
I was the Axis
Mugsy and Ray were the Allies

I got my ass handed to me. I cannot blame the dice, as I made several mistakes early and often. I tried to set up Sea Lion but did not have enough soldiers to bring in as Germany. I set my Japanese navy up to crush India but kept hammering at the Burma road and thus did not have enough troops for the transports to carry in and lost the fight. Meanwhile the US had built up a hefty navy at Alaska ans on the East Coast and in my last purchase as Japan put what I thought was enough troops on mainland Japan for the invasion (6) had I brought in the 3 fighters from Manchuria I would have held them off but the result was thus:

Yeah, that's the extra Guinness from the four pack that went to the winner. As I said I made several foolish strategic decisions that cost me the game and I regret that it will be a long time until I play as the Axis again in this game to recover my honor.

In the second game we played 2nd Edition with the cards that Ray came up with a long time ago and it was pretty fun. At the end of the night we had to call an Allied victory but it could have gone either way. Germany was surrounded and perhaps with a few well time cards they could have pulled it out but we called it Allies!
No ending pic but this was the set up pic:
This game was Mugsy and I as Allies and Ray as the Axis.

Next week will be a down week but I hope in two weeks we will get in another game of Global, hopefully with the new Alpha 3 Set up!
You hear me Mr. Harris?
Alpha 3 needs to be GO in 2 weeks.

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