Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mugzy Kicked Butt

Last Sunday Mugzy and I played Anniversary Edition with the 41 Set Up.

I was the Allies and although neither of us had the correct Victory Cities total, we decided the writing was on the wall.

Sorry for the late post but it's been a busy week and I don't recall the details. Basically Japan was running rampant in the Pacific and Germany was on the doorstep. here are the pictures. Check out @Dicetruction on Twitter for more in depth coverage on the game from last Sunday. I hash tag everything #AxisAndAllies for easy callback.

Before the game this is what the garage looked like:

And this is after clearing it out:

 These are the Corsair's from the Historical Board Game Allies Minor set. I painted them after this game.

 Here's what a pair of German bombers did to London.
 Mugzy always seems to develop Improved Shipyards when he's Japan.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Episode 23

Ray is the Axis in a game of Classic A&A from Victory Day 2012. This is round 3-4.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Larry Harris Yard Sale

About a month ago I noticed a post by Larry Harris on his website about his desire to do some house cleaning. Here's the link:

I contacted him and he responded that I could get a copy of Guadalcanal and D-Day as well as some extra units and any maps he could get his hands on and this package arrived yesterday.

Needles to say I am honoured. I currently own A&A 42, Europe 40, Pacific 40, Battle of the Bulge, and a home made map of Anniversary. I told Mr. Harris I'd love Guadalcanal, and D-Day and if he had the maps and maybe the rule books that would be awesome. I was pleased to learn he was sending them both sealed in the boxes. I was enormously pleased when I found that he had signed not only both boxes, but the Revised map as well. With all the extra pieces I have I plan to glue all the units to the board in set up mode and have the map mounted and framed to hang in our war room.

Thank you so much Larry. This is awesome!

FMG Italian Planes

Finally got around to painting the Italian aircraft. It's been a busy and exciting few days for me. Mugsy and I played Anniversary on Sunday, I'll post pics hopefully tonight after work of that. Yesterday while I was at work my package from Mr. Larry Harris arrived. Super stoked to get into it more in depth tomorrow when I'm off. But I was also busy this weekend painting these planes whenever I had a few minutes. I looked around for pictures to get a general Idea of the paint schemes. Most of the roundels on the wings were done just in black with transparent background but I went with the white backing so they would be visible at this scale. Here are the pictures.

Just a note the FMG package comes with 50% more of each unit e.g. 6 tactical bombers, but I pieced off some to Ray so he could have a few units. These units are beautiful and I hope I did them justice. I eagerly await the German units that Jeremy and company are working on at Field Marshal Games and hope he can get things on track after moving his entire offices.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Episode 22

Victory day was May 9th but listen to the action on that day now in the sweltering heat of June!
Mugsy and I are the Allies hoping to beat the living hell out of Ray who represents the shit eating Axis in a game of Classic A&A. We get two rounds in in  this game and I hope you enjoy it.

We haven't gotten a lot of feedback on the podcast in a while but that's probably a good thing judging by our reviews on iTunes but we are not discouraged and will still put out this low quality crap every week because we have a ton of episodes banked.

If however you would like to pile on with our critics or fight back with positive reviews you are more than welcome! you have several options available to you to do so through iTunes, the comment section below, or by emailing us at

Good Day Eh!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Anniversary Edition - India Was Crucial.

Yesterday was our first game since Victory Day and we played A&A Anniversary with the 1941 set up.
Ray and Mugsy as the Allies and me as the Axis.

This was the debut of the Field Marshal Games Infantry.

I haven't had time to paint the rest of the units yet so we used the ones from Global that were painted. After 1 round the Axis was looking pretty good.

 Italy was taking care of business...
 Japan was readying for an enormous attack on India...

Which resulted in this...

Little did I know, I was finished at this point. I never recovered as Japan and though the USA came in and were eventually wiped out, that was after they took back the DEI and the UK was busy liberating China while my tank stack was out of position in the Soviet East.

 I refused to give up though and when the UK took over Berlin and I looked at the prospects of taking it (for sure thing) and holding it. (not likely) I gave Ray and Mugsy their due.

We are not sure when we'll be playing next but when we do we'll post the pictures and results up here.
Good day, eh

Friday, 8 June 2012

Episode 20

Round 7 and Mugsy is still the Axis and we're still playing Global and talking about the Field Marshal Games Convention. Things turn a bit sour for our villain and he has a quiet moment to himself.

Listen here:

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I haven't been very active on here lately but our group is playing this Sunday coming up and we will be recording. The last time we played was May 9th for Victory Day and we're all excited to play again. 

The Audio from Victory Day will be up in two weeks as there is one more episode of Global after this one.

Hopefully Monday will see a post of our upcoming game.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Episode 19

This episode took place a week after Ray and I got back from the Field Marshal Games Convention in Oshawa. Resuming a game of Axis & Allies Global 1940 in round 6.

Mugsy: Axis
Ray and I: Allies