Monday, 11 June 2012

Anniversary Edition - India Was Crucial.

Yesterday was our first game since Victory Day and we played A&A Anniversary with the 1941 set up.
Ray and Mugsy as the Allies and me as the Axis.

This was the debut of the Field Marshal Games Infantry.

I haven't had time to paint the rest of the units yet so we used the ones from Global that were painted. After 1 round the Axis was looking pretty good.

 Italy was taking care of business...
 Japan was readying for an enormous attack on India...

Which resulted in this...

Little did I know, I was finished at this point. I never recovered as Japan and though the USA came in and were eventually wiped out, that was after they took back the DEI and the UK was busy liberating China while my tank stack was out of position in the Soviet East.

 I refused to give up though and when the UK took over Berlin and I looked at the prospects of taking it (for sure thing) and holding it. (not likely) I gave Ray and Mugsy their due.

We are not sure when we'll be playing next but when we do we'll post the pictures and results up here.
Good day, eh

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