Monday, 30 May 2011


Long day! We played 2 games of A&A Anniversary again this week followed by a game of A&A42, that didn't get finished before the beer was gone.
1st Game: 1941 Set up
Mugsy: Germany/Italy
Ray: UK
Me: Japan

Allies Win!

2nd Game: 1942 Set up
Mugsy: Japan
Dan: Germany/Italy
Me: UK

Axis Win!

Sorry for the lack of details, there was much beer and my memory is short on details. we went with 7IPC's for the laboratories in this one and it seemed to work out better. The one thing I do remember is Dan repeatedly saying "I've won 4 in a row", he's quite the dick when he wins.

There was a thunderstorm late into the third game and the Garage flooded badly. Like an inch deep.
Something will need to be done about that.

We started a third game, that being A&A 1942, but only got about 4 rounds in before we ran out of beer and patience. We decided there was no clear winner and it will be saved for the next time all 4 of us are there.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Road Game

Ray had a bum wheel this week so we went to his place to play. It was not his day though as Dan was the big winner and I split.

We played AA50 this week first with the 1941 setup
Ray: Allies
Dan: Germany/Italy
Me: Japan
Dan dominated due to Ray's neglect of the German Navy thus:
But in came Steve Rogers!
Then UK was allowed to collect so that Germany could:
Then The Germans went for Moscow and took it with force:
I was the Japanese and did nothing spectacular but held off the US and put a little pressure on the Soviets.
We used the laboratory rule again and decided, since this game has less money than AAG40 that everyone would get 1 free lab in their capital. this worked out OK and a couple extras were bought by US, Japan and Germany. I think this will be a staple from now on and everone likes it better than throwing 5 IPC's away.

In the Second game we played AA50 with the 1942 set-up.
Dan: Allies
Ray: Japan
Me: Germany/Italy
The Axis used up all it's good dice in the first round and Italy never got hold of Africa. This resulted in Dan kicking the crap out of us at every turn. Even acquiring Improved Shipyards for Japan could not prevent this:
And that's how it ended.
Mugsy was away for the long weekend, but Dan has informed us that the foot came down and he no longer has other obligations on Sunday so I expect to be back in the garage next Sunday with 4 players.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Spring 1942

Yesterday was a weird day as Dan and I had to go to a family thing, Mugsy and Ray started without us, hoping to finish as we got back and start a second game. However when we showed up at 15:30 the game was in full swing with no clear leader. Japan had all it's original navy and Germany was in fairly good shape. The game started with Ray as the Axis and Mugsy as Allies, so Dan took over Japan and I took over USA, with Mugsy and I alternating the Soviets. I couldn't hold of Japan as I had been spending money at the Brazil IC and the Sinkiang IC and they made it across Canada, were repelled then came back and took West US. This however was no help as repeated back and forth in West Europe delayed the Germans enough for the Soviets to take ALL of Europe. The Sinkiang IC helped the Allies crush the Japanese mainland and there was a Soviet IC placed in Manchuria. This IC produced the following 2 rounds in a row: 1 Battleship, 1 Aircraft Carrier with 1 Fighter on board. This was enough for the Japs and they retired, while Germany nursed it's last beer.

Allies win!

Will edit later with a pic of Japan in Ottawa.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

As Expected...

Monday night we continued the game from last Sunday.the situation was thus.

It took 2 rounds for Germany to take Moscow which was the 8th Victory city on the Europe board. I foolishly forgot to land my fighters in Tokyo which might have helped against the 3 pronged invasion but in the end the taking of Japan was inconsequential.
The above picture shows the tech table and it is safe to say that the Tech House/ Laboratory rule was beneficial to all. Italy was the only team that didn't buy any. I think we will incorporate this into the Global rules from now on. A special thank you to EaterofWorlds from the Board Game Geek site for this addition.

Germany/Italy/Japan Wins!

Monday, 2 May 2011

To Be Continued...

Yesterday we played A&A Global 1940 with the Alpha 2 setup and rules but added the tech houses I discussed previously. In the Global game there is a lot more money so even countries as cash short as ANZAC could afford them.

Ray: USA, UKE, France
Mugsy: USSR, UKP, ANZAC, China
Me: Germany, Italy, Japan

Second round Germany did a Sea Lion attack that failed and lost most of the Luftwaffe but held out pretty good on the mainland and attacked the Soviets in round 3, Germany now has Leningrad and Ukraine, Italy has all the north coast of Africa and Japan took Hawaii for a couple rounds bringing the USA in at round 3 as well. Japan attacked USSR right away and spread out pretty well into China and North towards Moscow. we had to pause the game 12 hours in and will pick it up next Sunday. I'm not sure if the official victory conditions have been met but we play till surrender anyway, maybe not a good idea but we'll see.