Monday, 2 May 2011

To Be Continued...

Yesterday we played A&A Global 1940 with the Alpha 2 setup and rules but added the tech houses I discussed previously. In the Global game there is a lot more money so even countries as cash short as ANZAC could afford them.

Ray: USA, UKE, France
Mugsy: USSR, UKP, ANZAC, China
Me: Germany, Italy, Japan

Second round Germany did a Sea Lion attack that failed and lost most of the Luftwaffe but held out pretty good on the mainland and attacked the Soviets in round 3, Germany now has Leningrad and Ukraine, Italy has all the north coast of Africa and Japan took Hawaii for a couple rounds bringing the USA in at round 3 as well. Japan attacked USSR right away and spread out pretty well into China and North towards Moscow. we had to pause the game 12 hours in and will pick it up next Sunday. I'm not sure if the official victory conditions have been met but we play till surrender anyway, maybe not a good idea but we'll see.

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  1. I've been checking out the board and it looks like the Axis will take Moscow in two rounds. Japan is surrounded but with few transports that can get anything in. If the Axis can take Moscow and hold the cities they have now I will win. Germany developed paratroopers with their tech houses and this is huge for them as they have lost Denmark but can get 8 infantry in their with this developement.