Monday, 25 April 2011

Old Second Edition gets another go!

We rolled out the classic again this Sunday with a couple twists. In the first game we used the tech houses. 10 IPC's bought you a black Monopoly house which you could place in any of your territories. At the beginning of every round you get to try for a 6 for every lab you own. It's a bit cost restrictive and only Japan and USA got them in the first game.

USA did pretty good with it Japan not so much.

Game One:
Newf: USSR
Ray: Germany
Me: UK
Mugsy: Japan
Dan: USA
Soviets took Berlin

In game two we decided to use cards, which are an enhancement Ray came up with long ago, you buy cards 2 for 5 IPC's or 1 for 3. these cards will tell you to deploy a free Bomber, for yourself or the enemy, which you would do right away. Other cards might be kept to play at a strategic moment. Anyway it makes an old game new again and is fun once in a while. 
Game Two:
Mugsy: Germany
Ray: UK
Newf: Japan
Soviets almost take Berlin before the white flag is dropped

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