Monday, 4 April 2011

The Allies Confirm History!

We got started around 14:00 yesterday and managed to get 2 games of  AA42 in. First game was Ray as Allies and me as Axis and the USA crushed in Pacific while UK and Soviets did the same in Europe. Ray started with a different move by not attacking anything except the Baltic fleet in round one with USSR. this seemed foolish but created a huge wall of Infantry that German dice could not get through.

Game two we switched sides and I tried Mugsy's plan from a few weeks back of building a Brazil factory. This worked well and the US pounded France as the Indian, Australian and Atlantic fleet from UK all managed to make it to the Mediterranean to invade Italy. The Soviets amassed a huge wall of T-34's from the north and was about to take Berlin when we called the game at around midnight.

Allies win the day. I must learn a better plan for Germany as this is my weakest country.

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