Thursday, 29 March 2012

Episode 10

Episode 10 involves the realization that Ray is as slow as molasses going up a hill in January. We manage to only get from Japan's turn in round 5 to the end of said round 5.

Below is a spot for you to ridicule Ray for his laboured play. Or perhaps you'd like to leave suggestions for how he might speed up his turn. All comments on the play of the Allies can be kept to yourself.

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I for my part will be hard at work this week editing Ray right out of round 6 which will be posted in a scant 7 days. (By which time I would hope that Ray has at least made his purchases for Germany for our next game)

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Episode 9

Episode 9 is up! In this game we continue a game of Global Alpha. If you don't want to know how it turns out don't read the post below. This episode deals with the goings on between China's round 4 and just before Japan's round 5.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alpha 3.9 Continued

This was the situation last Sunday when we continued our game from 2 Sunday's Previous.
It was our first attempt at Global 1940 Alpha 3.9
Ray as Axis
Mugsy as Euro Allies
Me as Pacific Allies

The Mediterranean was cleared by the Brits. The Soviets had a nice 1 infantry buffer around their border states with Germany but Germany had 2 huge Armies, North and South, as well as a large navy. That navy however was stuck in the Baltic Sea, as the Brits kept taking Norway every round.

Over in Japan, when last we played the US had crushed one third of the Japanese fleet but the rest of it sat on the Chinese coast waiting to exact revenge, which it did.

This seemed like a good move for Japan, in fact the only logical one but they spent too much money on a push into Russia from both China and the Soviet Far East, and not enough on new naval units. The Allies eventually replaced their lost fleet and hammered Japan's convoys till the end of the game.

Germany meanwhile never really got into Soviet territory. Ray opted to leave his tank stack in the north and just send in a few Infantry into the border regions, Bessarabia, and Belorussia. Hoping for the Soviets to come at him and spread themselves out. This they did and Russia killed 11 Nazi tanks, effectively destroying Hitler's ability to attack and weaken Russia. 2 or 3 rounds in a row Germany's Eastern front looked just about the same, and as we all know when that is the case, USSR has a Hell of a lot of punch in their rear that suddenly is at the front.

Of course, the pressure from the western Allies really helped. Round 4 saw the UK take Norway for the last time and build a minor IC, then navy directly in the Baltic. Round 5 The USA sent their massive fleet at Gibraltar up to West Germany rather than the intended Rome.

They of course did not hold it but the Germans couldn't kill the transports and they ended up back in Washington for another round of hammering at Africa and Europe. In round 8 the Axis surrendered.

We recorded these rounds for the Dicetruction Podcast and as soon as the first round and a half is edited I'll put it up here. I intended, since we picked it up at China's turn in round 4, to have one episode be from that point till the end of round 5, however that is a four hour file and i'll most likely break that one up into 2 episodes. Regardless, I hope to have Episode 9 up by Friday at the latest. Until then if you have any comments type them below. You don't have to join the site if you don't want to you can post anonymously if you chose and as always if you're on Twitter follow us @Dicetruction or email us at

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Episode 8

We finish our game of A&A Anniversary Edition 1941 Set up. It looked bad for the Allies last we listened, tune in to see how it all turned out.

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Friday, 9 March 2012

Episode 7!

The Allies started to turn it around in this episode. Rounds 6 and 7 are now up for your enjoyment. As always your comments are always appreciated and there are a few ways to make yourself heard.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Our first shot at Alpha 3.9

Yesterday we started a game of Global 1940 with the current Alpha set up. Ray as the Axis and Mugsy and I as the Allies. Mugsy is handling the UK Europe, USSR, and the Atlantic Americans, while I have the rest.

Ray opened up the action as Germany and almost forgot to take his shots at the UK navy. It turns out he may as well not have because he lost both of his bombers and many fighters and failed to sink the two battleships.

UK is in great shape and keeps hitting Norway to lock the Germans in the Baltic Sea. Germany bought an Aircraft Carrier first round but since the UK had a transport left and he didn't bring the navy out to SZ112 he's going to be stuck using it against Russia.

USSR did something unusual and bought a cruiser first round and a Carrier second round. In round four he took a swipe at Germany who left Berlin with 3 infantry and two fighters, however the 2 shore barrages missed and he ended up only killing a couple of the infantry.

Italy moved quite slowly as the UK had no worries at home it took out all the Italian navy, and sacked Rome by round 3.

In the Pacific, Japan is in a bit of trouble as they haven't taken any of the DEI and America, in round 4 has just taken out about half their navy. Japan has just moved into Soviet territory and have most of northern China but the Burma road has been open all game and China's main force is huge in the south.

Anzac is small but has a nice little invasion fleet and are collecting both bonuses. Pacific UK owns all the DEI and are getting ready to move towards Japan.

We called it a night at 22:00 right before China's turn in round 4. We might have got another round in but our friend Val showed up with a bottle of Grimsby's finest whiskey, 40 Creek, and we were all pretty hammered before the sun even went down.

Here are some pics of what the board looks like now.

We didn't record for the podcast as we played in the garage and the heater in their creates a bit too much background noise. Perhaps when we take it up in 2 weeks it'll be warm enough that we won't need it and we can record the final rounds. I'm not thinking that the Axis has much of a chance but my memory can't be trusted. All in all it was a great time with great friends and I look forward to finishing the game.

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Episode 6 is up!

We present unto you: Round 4&5 of A&A Anniversary 1941 set up.

Mugsy and I were the Allies and there was concern that we were going to throw in the towel in these rounds until we determined that Mugsy just wanted to start a new game because he's ADHD or something.

If you have any comments on our gameplay, recording techniques, or the way we seemingly have no respect for each other whatsoever, please type them below, email us, or hit me up on Twitter!

I hope to have the next episode up in about a week or so. I have 2 edited and banked but we're not recording this weekend, I don't think, and I'll need to spread them out.

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