Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alpha 3.9 Continued

This was the situation last Sunday when we continued our game from 2 Sunday's Previous.
It was our first attempt at Global 1940 Alpha 3.9
Ray as Axis
Mugsy as Euro Allies
Me as Pacific Allies

The Mediterranean was cleared by the Brits. The Soviets had a nice 1 infantry buffer around their border states with Germany but Germany had 2 huge Armies, North and South, as well as a large navy. That navy however was stuck in the Baltic Sea, as the Brits kept taking Norway every round.

Over in Japan, when last we played the US had crushed one third of the Japanese fleet but the rest of it sat on the Chinese coast waiting to exact revenge, which it did.

This seemed like a good move for Japan, in fact the only logical one but they spent too much money on a push into Russia from both China and the Soviet Far East, and not enough on new naval units. The Allies eventually replaced their lost fleet and hammered Japan's convoys till the end of the game.

Germany meanwhile never really got into Soviet territory. Ray opted to leave his tank stack in the north and just send in a few Infantry into the border regions, Bessarabia, and Belorussia. Hoping for the Soviets to come at him and spread themselves out. This they did and Russia killed 11 Nazi tanks, effectively destroying Hitler's ability to attack and weaken Russia. 2 or 3 rounds in a row Germany's Eastern front looked just about the same, and as we all know when that is the case, USSR has a Hell of a lot of punch in their rear that suddenly is at the front.

Of course, the pressure from the western Allies really helped. Round 4 saw the UK take Norway for the last time and build a minor IC, then navy directly in the Baltic. Round 5 The USA sent their massive fleet at Gibraltar up to West Germany rather than the intended Rome.

They of course did not hold it but the Germans couldn't kill the transports and they ended up back in Washington for another round of hammering at Africa and Europe. In round 8 the Axis surrendered.

We recorded these rounds for the Dicetruction Podcast and as soon as the first round and a half is edited I'll put it up here. I intended, since we picked it up at China's turn in round 4, to have one episode be from that point till the end of round 5, however that is a four hour file and i'll most likely break that one up into 2 episodes. Regardless, I hope to have Episode 9 up by Friday at the latest. Until then if you have any comments type them below. You don't have to join the site if you don't want to you can post anonymously if you chose and as always if you're on Twitter follow us @Dicetruction or email us at Dicetruction@Gmail.com.

Thanks and Good Day Eh!


  1. Is that a house rule for controling norway controls the baltic? In the Europe rule book, one only needs to control denmark. Norway has no affect on the control of the srtaights.

  2. Unfortunately I caught that mistake the day after we played. I posted in my Podcast thread on Harris Game Design that I made this mistake and I informed Ray the next day how I screwed it up. It's unfortunate and we will get this one right in the future. There are so many rules in this game and it's very hard to keep track of them all but this one has been around since the out of box rules so there is very little excuse for it.
    We might have hammered Denmark instead of Norway if we remembered it correctly but this is also a poor excuse as Denmark is much easier for Germany to fortify.

    In the end we are getting better at playing this complicated game and hope to have it perfected soon as I'm going to suggest to the guys that we just play Global for the next few games.
    Thanks for the comment and I hope yo ukeep coming back!