Thursday, 1 March 2012

Episode 6 is up!

We present unto you: Round 4&5 of A&A Anniversary 1941 set up.

Mugsy and I were the Allies and there was concern that we were going to throw in the towel in these rounds until we determined that Mugsy just wanted to start a new game because he's ADHD or something.

If you have any comments on our gameplay, recording techniques, or the way we seemingly have no respect for each other whatsoever, please type them below, email us, or hit me up on Twitter!

I hope to have the next episode up in about a week or so. I have 2 edited and banked but we're not recording this weekend, I don't think, and I'll need to spread them out.

Email address is:
Twitter handle is: @Dicetruction

Thanks for listening!

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