Monday, 20 February 2012

Allied Beatdown!

Last time we played the above was the situation in the European theater. The Germans were slightly contained and the Italians had taken Caucasus, Japan had India and a good hold of most of the islands in the Pacific. England had a good sized navy and was ready to hit somewhere in Europe. Mugsy and I talked it through and considered Poland with 2 infantry defending allowing the Soviets to breathe a little and liberate the Cauc. We decided to hit France instead, hoping to turn Germany around.

Thjis was the result, as you can see, Germany fared quite well in the attack. USA decided the dice could not hose us that bad again and hit the Japanese navy at their home port.

The dice hosed us that bad again.

There was talk by my partner of possibly giving up at this time because the US navy was gone, and Japan was in good position to attack Russia. Also the Americans were not in good shape yet in Europe after a failed attack at Rome last time we played. but after a good Soviet Norway we started to look better.

America got better things going in the Pacific and built up a navy that Japan could not afford to match. However although Germany was being contained, Italy still had a pretty good navy going.

Mugsy sent some T-34's down towards India to battle the Japanese because now America had a factory in Norway and the Germans had to stay near home due to the UK's constant harassing of their Western front.

At this time we called a cease fire for lasagna and garlic bread. The war looked like this after eight rounds.

After dinner we had a couple more rounds where UK hit Berlin but failed.

However the onslaught would not end there and when the Soviets took India Ray threw in the towel as the Axis.

Japan was doing OK but after the loss of the India factory and with the fact that America only needed to spend on 3 tanks per round in Europe, Japan couldn't keep up.

Mugsy and I win as Allies in A&A Anniversary 1941 set up!

After that we played A&A 42 with me as Axis, Mugsy and Ray as Allies. We only took a set up picture and played with the cards Ray made up years ago. I got most of the very good cards and after several hours, (I think I got home at 03:00) I ended up winning. The cards were one free per round and you could buy one for 5 IPC's. The cards were pulled at purchase units phase and can be beneficial or harmful. an example of one card is the Halifax convoy which lets UK immediately place a Battleship, 2 transports and 2 Infantry and 2 Tanks at London. Obviously a good card for UK but if the Axis pulls it there is much wailing and tearing of the clothes. Right when I was sure that Germany was doomed I pulled a card that gave me an Aircraft Carrier, a Battleship and 2 fighters in the Mediterranean Sea. Japan also pulled some pretty good ones. Because of the wackiness that can occur and the fact that we believe that the Axis seems to have better cards in the deck we decided that the games we play with cards will not count towards stats.

All things going well we should have another game in two weeks. Remember you can follow me on Twitter @Dicetruction, email us at, leave comments below and listen to our games on the Dicetruction Podcast.

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