Monday, 6 February 2012

We Got 3 Rounds In

The three of us played yesterday and got three rounds in of A&A Anniversary Ed.
Ray was the Axis
Mugsy was USSR/China
I was UK and we split USA

Germany took a little ground from Russia but failed their attack in Leningrad. Italy took Egypt down and Japan went lightly, navy-wise into Pearl Harbor. they left an Aircraft Carrier there that was killed but saved most of their navy for the inevitable US onslaught in the future.

 Germany in round two lost all their planes but failed to kill all the UK navy

Japan, in round three took India and we've got no way to get it back so Ray's got himself a free factory!

The USA has built a factory in Alaska and mounted a pretty good navy there to keep the Japanese busy. The Americans have also lan ded a small force in Algeria and are getting ready to maybe pressure either Norway or Italy.

We had to split early to head to our various Superb Owl parties so I saved the recording and will try to split it up tomorrow without messing it up this time and hope to post the first round under The Dicetruction Podcast by Wednesday at the latest.

This is the board after three rounds

we will have to tear it down and re-set up in two weeks when we continue the game at Ray's place. My heater in the Garage has a fan and it sounded terrible in the recording in the tests I did before we started.
It's hard to say who's leading at this time and it's going to suck waiting two weeks but them's the breaks. See you then.

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