Thursday, 16 February 2012

Episode 5 is Live!

Round 3 from our game on 5 Feb 2012. This one's a bit long due to a visitor, and possible new player. Still playing Anniversary Edition with Mugsy and I as the Allies and Ray as the Axis.
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We have one iTunes review so far and although it is far from positive we'll take anything at this point and if the review is true the three of us heterosexual males have opened ourselves to a new demographic!


  1. I express my hopes, the podcasts will not substitute the nice pictorials, reviews, essays and written gamereports on this lovely little blog. As an extra to the blog it is -of course- a great addition. Kind regards from the Netherlands. K0rnput'68

  2. Rest assured I shall continue to post about our games before the podcasts are put up. The podcasts are something of a dream of mine that might work out and might not. We're still new at it and if you have listened you'll know I'm quite amateurish in regards to editing and such. I'm considering cutting out a bit of the actual gameplay in favor of the commentary and perhaps game summaries. I will for certain keep putting up pics of both the games and the painted game and supplementary components. Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts, it's fantastic to get feedback on our work.
    David Hayes

  3. Dear Mr Hayes, indeed I listened to three podcasts. It's nice to hear serious A&A enthusiasts are enjoying the game in the same way everywhere on this planet! Although some little differences because of age, cultural background and location do exist, we are pretty much a breed apart on this planet united by this fun game.

    A little tease: I listen the podcasts mainly while I am cleaning the house. Perfect material to keep someone going while performing the weekly duties of life! ;)

    I am intrigued by the creative part of how you personalized the game. That's why I do enjoy the pictures so much!

    Do forgive my lack of knowledge: could you explain to me what a "ScumbagCabbie" is?

    Kind regards again, K0rnput'68

  4. Thanks for listening! As we've said, sometimes we feel that half the fun of this game is painting the pieces and making tweaks to it. I've recently rearranged my Flickr page so that each individual game has it's own set and there's a set focusing on the pieces of each nation and some of the components we've improved.
    As to Scumbag Cabbie. Both Ray and I drive taxi for a living and we are just poking fun at our "profession" It's not a job for the highly refined or completely honest types.
    David Hayes