Thursday, 29 March 2012

Episode 10

Episode 10 involves the realization that Ray is as slow as molasses going up a hill in January. We manage to only get from Japan's turn in round 5 to the end of said round 5.

Below is a spot for you to ridicule Ray for his laboured play. Or perhaps you'd like to leave suggestions for how he might speed up his turn. All comments on the play of the Allies can be kept to yourself.

You can however tell us how slow Ray is on Twitter by following us @Dicetrtuction
You can email me with ideas about how to get him going a bit faster:

I for my part will be hard at work this week editing Ray right out of round 6 which will be posted in a scant 7 days. (By which time I would hope that Ray has at least made his purchases for Germany for our next game)

Good day eh!

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