Monday, 23 May 2011

Road Game

Ray had a bum wheel this week so we went to his place to play. It was not his day though as Dan was the big winner and I split.

We played AA50 this week first with the 1941 setup
Ray: Allies
Dan: Germany/Italy
Me: Japan
Dan dominated due to Ray's neglect of the German Navy thus:
But in came Steve Rogers!
Then UK was allowed to collect so that Germany could:
Then The Germans went for Moscow and took it with force:
I was the Japanese and did nothing spectacular but held off the US and put a little pressure on the Soviets.
We used the laboratory rule again and decided, since this game has less money than AAG40 that everyone would get 1 free lab in their capital. this worked out OK and a couple extras were bought by US, Japan and Germany. I think this will be a staple from now on and everone likes it better than throwing 5 IPC's away.

In the Second game we played AA50 with the 1942 set-up.
Dan: Allies
Ray: Japan
Me: Germany/Italy
The Axis used up all it's good dice in the first round and Italy never got hold of Africa. This resulted in Dan kicking the crap out of us at every turn. Even acquiring Improved Shipyards for Japan could not prevent this:
And that's how it ended.
Mugsy was away for the long weekend, but Dan has informed us that the foot came down and he no longer has other obligations on Sunday so I expect to be back in the garage next Sunday with 4 players.

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