Monday, 16 May 2011

Spring 1942

Yesterday was a weird day as Dan and I had to go to a family thing, Mugsy and Ray started without us, hoping to finish as we got back and start a second game. However when we showed up at 15:30 the game was in full swing with no clear leader. Japan had all it's original navy and Germany was in fairly good shape. The game started with Ray as the Axis and Mugsy as Allies, so Dan took over Japan and I took over USA, with Mugsy and I alternating the Soviets. I couldn't hold of Japan as I had been spending money at the Brazil IC and the Sinkiang IC and they made it across Canada, were repelled then came back and took West US. This however was no help as repeated back and forth in West Europe delayed the Germans enough for the Soviets to take ALL of Europe. The Sinkiang IC helped the Allies crush the Japanese mainland and there was a Soviet IC placed in Manchuria. This IC produced the following 2 rounds in a row: 1 Battleship, 1 Aircraft Carrier with 1 Fighter on board. This was enough for the Japs and they retired, while Germany nursed it's last beer.

Allies win!

Will edit later with a pic of Japan in Ottawa.

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