Wednesday, 11 May 2011

As Expected...

Monday night we continued the game from last Sunday.the situation was thus.

It took 2 rounds for Germany to take Moscow which was the 8th Victory city on the Europe board. I foolishly forgot to land my fighters in Tokyo which might have helped against the 3 pronged invasion but in the end the taking of Japan was inconsequential.
The above picture shows the tech table and it is safe to say that the Tech House/ Laboratory rule was beneficial to all. Italy was the only team that didn't buy any. I think we will incorporate this into the Global rules from now on. A special thank you to EaterofWorlds from the Board Game Geek site for this addition.

Germany/Italy/Japan Wins!


  1. These painted pieces are amazing!

  2. Thank you! Click on the slideshow link at the top of the blog to check out all the game pics at my Flickr account

  3. It sounds as though your group has embraced the tech center/Lab rule with open arms!! I based the cost of tech/labs our our home made game board (which has more money territories on it) So when ever your playing a version of Axis and Allies, such as 42 or Anniversary, you can just make adjustments to the cost,, say 7 IPC's?? anyway I am glad to see that your group is enjoying the new house rule. (EaterofWorlds)