Monday, 30 May 2011


Long day! We played 2 games of A&A Anniversary again this week followed by a game of A&A42, that didn't get finished before the beer was gone.
1st Game: 1941 Set up
Mugsy: Germany/Italy
Ray: UK
Me: Japan

Allies Win!

2nd Game: 1942 Set up
Mugsy: Japan
Dan: Germany/Italy
Me: UK

Axis Win!

Sorry for the lack of details, there was much beer and my memory is short on details. we went with 7IPC's for the laboratories in this one and it seemed to work out better. The one thing I do remember is Dan repeatedly saying "I've won 4 in a row", he's quite the dick when he wins.

There was a thunderstorm late into the third game and the Garage flooded badly. Like an inch deep.
Something will need to be done about that.

We started a third game, that being A&A 1942, but only got about 4 rounds in before we ran out of beer and patience. We decided there was no clear winner and it will be saved for the next time all 4 of us are there.

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