Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Only finished one

Last Sunday we played the old second edition. We added labs at a cost of 7IPC's however no one bought any.
I was the Allies and Ray and Mugsy split the Axis, playing Germany and Japan respectively.

 Japan harassed America, taking Alaska after some time but couldn't get the ground game going in Asia fast enough to put any pressure on the Soviets. The Germans had their way in Africa but were stymied in their first attack on Karelia, and did not kill the British navy, opting to throw the Luftwaffe at the Mediterranean and Karelia. After a couple rounds of the UK taking East Europe and the Germans spending much needed troops taking it back the Soviets eventually ended up in Berlin.

We started a second game, all shifting clockwise, Ray took over Allies, Mugsy to Germany, and myself to Japan. personally I don't think this game is worth saving, however Ray does not seem to think that 17 Japanese tanks (costing 4IPC each due to the developement of Industrial Tech) are enough to over run Moscow.

We shall see, but not next Sunday as the Red Sox are in Toronto and there will be no game in the Garage.

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