Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Been a long time

Three weeks ago we got halfway through a game of Second Edition and with the Red Sox coming to town the next week and Fathers Day last week the game stayed set up in the garage. I was Japan and had three mainland IC's prodicing three tanks each AND Industrial Technology. I thought I was set. I was wrong. Germany couldn't pressure Russia enough and they concentrated on the East.
Dan came in to help Ray as Allies for the win Mugsy and I lost.

Next we played another game of 2nd ED. with a new player. My son Jeff has been living in Florida with his mother for the last 8 years and last week moved up here to live with us. He had a rudimentary knowledge of the game and we let him play Japan.
Mugsy was USSR, Me, Germany, Ray as UK, Jeff Japan, and Dan as US.
The only thing I remember from this game was that Germany was collecting a lot but attacked an overly powerful Karelia and failed and was then done. My failure to adequately play Germany lost us the game.

Next we played AA42
Germany: Dan
UK: Mugsy
Japan: Ray
USA: Jeff
In this game I totally failed as the Soviets, and USA was given some bad advice by myself and worked a little too slowly resulting in a large naval battle that stranded several units on Okinawa.

Bad day for me and the new kid.

We will be going to a two week rotation for a while as the wives are getting a bit annoyed by our weekly games but maybe we can fit in 3 weekends a month.

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  1. Leave it to the women folk to spoil their mans fun!