Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Two and a Half Games

We started off this past Sunday with a game between Dan and I vs. Mugsy.
Mugsy: Axis
Me: USA/China

The game was Anniversary Edition with the 1941 set up.
I made this game from maps and set ups I found on the internet and the USA's Pacific set up does not look right to me. If anyone can tall me either way it would be appreciated.
Mugsy had terrible luck with Germany first round losing all his air force but one fighter. Not much could be done after that. In round 3 the UK took India and that was just aboot it for the Axis. The US navy didn't even leave port  in San Francisco.

Next we played a continuation of a game where Ray, Mugsy and I were the Allies against Dan. The game was AA42 and though Ray wasn't present this day we wanted to put it to bed so we could change Dan's technical 10 in a row to 4 then 5 in a row. This did not happen and the bragging continued, rightly so as 10 in a row is pretty impressive.

We had time for one more so we played AA42 again where I was the Axis and Dan and Mugsy split the Allies. Let the streak end with the following images:

All in all Dan and I had a good day but Mugsy was swept. I feel he will make us pay for this in the future but not next week, well not me anyway as I plan to go see the Hated Yankees play the Blue Jays in Toronto next Sunday. I'm sure the other guys will grab up the gear and play at Ray's new apartment. Here's hoping Dan doesn't start a new streak, he might catch me on the leaderboard!

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