Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Smoke Filled Back Room Diplomacy

This Sunday we took the game on the road to Ray's place in the spare room. The heat and humidity would have been terrible in the garage but we have to figure out a better ventilation system what with the super chain smoking that occurs during our games.

We played 2 games of A&A42

Game one was as follows
Dan and Jeff as Allies
Ray and I as Axis

I was Japan and wanted to see how it went with no IC purchase. It worked out OK until a UK AC got at my unprotected transports in the Sea of Japan, but by this time I had taken the UK IC in India. The Soviets had snuck all the way down to French Indochina but with minimal forces.

I was unconcerned as the Us was not pressuring due to my navy. Germany was doing a good job holding off the Allies and that left Japan in good shape. I made my move a couple rounds later taking a transport into Egypt and moving another transport from Solomons into LA. This move also brought the hammer into the US IC in Sinkiang and a large navy into Alaska with loaded transports. Allies surrendered before I even rolled a die.

Game 2

Ray and Jeff as Allies
Dan and I as Axis

Dan wanted to try an invasion of Los Angeles taking Hawaii first. This plan almost worked but the dice gods did not allow it.
 Meanwhile a slow march to the north in Asia would make it all the way to Moscow's doorstep.
 Germany and USSR would battle back and forth for land in Europe all night until the purchase of 9 tanks by Germany would make it all but clear to the Allies they were doomed.
 The depressed UK would look on in horror as they were stymies in Africa, never got a permanent navy in the North Atlantic, and that was all Germany needed to drop this stack of Panzers.
 The march north for the Germans went as well as the Japanese and Hitler celebrates in Leningrad!
 As always, Ray is very stubborn to surrender when there are beers remaining but when the last pint was poured and the Huns and Imperial Japanese Army were knocking on the door, the writing was on the wall.
A good week for myself, a bad week for Jeff. He's getting the hang of things pretty well though and will soon crush all.

We have a family camping trip next weekend so Dan and I won't be playing but I expect Ray and Mugsy will get a game in.

I'm hoping in 2 weeks the heat will have broken and we can get back into the garage and we'll, by then have a new set of rules for Global and we can declare August A&A Global 1940 Alpha 3 month.

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