Friday, 22 June 2012

Episode 22

Victory day was May 9th but listen to the action on that day now in the sweltering heat of June!
Mugsy and I are the Allies hoping to beat the living hell out of Ray who represents the shit eating Axis in a game of Classic A&A. We get two rounds in in  this game and I hope you enjoy it.

We haven't gotten a lot of feedback on the podcast in a while but that's probably a good thing judging by our reviews on iTunes but we are not discouraged and will still put out this low quality crap every week because we have a ton of episodes banked.

If however you would like to pile on with our critics or fight back with positive reviews you are more than welcome! you have several options available to you to do so through iTunes, the comment section below, or by emailing us at

Good Day Eh!

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