Tuesday, 26 June 2012

FMG Italian Planes

Finally got around to painting the Italian aircraft. It's been a busy and exciting few days for me. Mugsy and I played Anniversary on Sunday, I'll post pics hopefully tonight after work of that. Yesterday while I was at work my package from Mr. Larry Harris arrived. Super stoked to get into it more in depth tomorrow when I'm off. But I was also busy this weekend painting these planes whenever I had a few minutes. I looked around for pictures to get a general Idea of the paint schemes. Most of the roundels on the wings were done just in black with transparent background but I went with the white backing so they would be visible at this scale. Here are the pictures.

Just a note the FMG package comes with 50% more of each unit e.g. 6 tactical bombers, but I pieced off some to Ray so he could have a few units. These units are beautiful and I hope I did them justice. I eagerly await the German units that Jeremy and company are working on at Field Marshal Games and hope he can get things on track after moving his entire offices.

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