Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mugzy Kicked Butt

Last Sunday Mugzy and I played Anniversary Edition with the 41 Set Up.

I was the Allies and although neither of us had the correct Victory Cities total, we decided the writing was on the wall.

Sorry for the late post but it's been a busy week and I don't recall the details. Basically Japan was running rampant in the Pacific and Germany was on the doorstep. here are the pictures. Check out @Dicetruction on Twitter for more in depth coverage on the game from last Sunday. I hash tag everything #AxisAndAllies for easy callback.

Before the game this is what the garage looked like:

And this is after clearing it out:

 These are the Corsair's from the Historical Board Game Allies Minor set. I painted them after this game.

 Here's what a pair of German bombers did to London.
 Mugzy always seems to develop Improved Shipyards when he's Japan.


  1. Every time I vissit this blog, I am amazed by the progress in your painting of the miniatures. I wish I still had the luxury of time to personalize my game this way! Allas, "real life" gets the better of me these days.

    May I ask you a favour? Me and my local A&A partner have a big dispute about the building of Japanese factories on the coast of China in Global Alpha +3. Is this stil allowed or not? It used to be.

    Sorry to bother you with this question; we tried Harry's homepage, but there's so many pages to sift through these days... Could you help us ignorant, heathen Dutchies out here? Thanks in advance for your wisdom ;)

    Kind regards from the Netherlands, K0rnput1968

  2. You can build on any territory that is worth at least 2 IPC and that isn't an island and that you control.

    The problem for Japan in the Alpha rules is that you can't build a MAJOR IC on any foreign land. Since the Chinese Territories along the coast are Original Chinese Territories, despite Japan starting with them, they can only hold MINOR IC's. The way to tell who is the original owner of a territory is by looking at the roundel printed on it. So Korea is Japanese Original but Manchuria is Chinese. So Japan can put a major IC in Korea but only a minor in Manchuria.

    Thanks for the interest and keep checking the blog. Our next game will hopefully be a new one to us. D-Day or Guadalcanal.

  3. Dear Mr. Hayes,

    Thank you for enlightening us on the perilious subject of factorybuilding.
    I read you're starting up Guadacanal and/or D-Day: good choice! You will find those fast paced and -despite their Axis and Allies "look" and "feel"- pleasantly different.
    I am very interrested what your experiences with those two games will be, so I'll check the website more often.
    Have you, by any change, played Battle of the Bulge too? (My personal favorite next to A&A Revised).
    I do hope you didn't get bored by A&A Global?

    Kind regards, Leendert Bergman (K0rnput1968) ( (try the english translation)

  4. I've got Battle of the Bulge but have only played it twice.

  5. Well Mr. Hayes, if obligations and life permits me to travel overseas in the future, I will certainly think of challenging you to a fine game of BotB! Only if you so generously allow me of course.
    But now, over here, me and the little band of fellow A&A-players will concentrate on minor factories on the edge of China. We were already playing the game this way, but had to find confirmation on the rules for it.
    You seem to be in favour of technilogical advancement rules. Over here, we have never used them in the game. The waste of IPC's seemed to much of a bother. What's your idea on this subject?

    Regards again, L.Bergman

  6. We like tech but we hate throwing dice away. That's why we use permanent labs for tech. Still only the rich nations can afford them.