Friday, 11 May 2012

Victory Day

May 9th we got together to celebrate the Soviet Victory in Berlin in 1945 we picked up some Russian beer, Ochokovo, and some Russian Standard vodka for what Ray calls чуть-чуть (Choot-Choot) meaning a little.

It was more like a lot as we went with the Russian tradition of taking a shot of vodka and a bite of food. we did this before dinner and this was a bad idea as our visitor will attest, but more on that later.

The first game we got in was Classic.
Ray was the Axis
Mugsy and I as Allies
Pretty standard game The USSR amassed in Karelia until the Japanese started approaching Russia. Germany had all of Africa for most of the game but UK had their navy going all game as well so Mugsy and I just kept hammering Eastern Europe over and over and by the time the Japanese got to Novosibirsk the UK was consistently putting three transports worth of troops there every round while the USA was liberating Africa.  That's when Randy showed up, took over Japan and we called the game an Axis win.

When Ray and I were up at the Field Marshal Games Convention in Oshawa we met MrMalachiCrunch from the A& Forums. We discovered he's from Port Colborne about 30 minutes from us and he told us he'd like to get in on a game now and then and as luck would have it he was available for Victory Day.
I have to apologize to Randy for our extreme drunkenness. We played A&A42 on his huge board he had printed off at Staples, I believe, for enormous cost. The board was designed by Imperious Leader from A&

Axis: Ray and I
Allies: Randy and Mugsy

After round one it was a Soviet shitstorm in West Russia

I saw an opening as Germany to throw a good amount of force at London and a semi-descent force at Moscow in the same round it came down to the final roll in London and I needed UK to miss one of their two dice but they hit them both. Clearing the island but crushing the Luftwaffe. In Moscow I rolled terrible and retreated causing me much trouble for the rest of the game.
Fast forwarding, as I was too drunk to remember, In round 6 this is what Germany looked like:

And Japan:
Not quite enough around Moscow for the Empire and terribly grim for the Nazis we threw in the towel.

It was great fun and I only hope that Randy wasn't too disgusted by our drunken revelry. Hopefully he'll come back as it's a lot more fun with more players. Victory Day started a little later than we had hoped and we started drinking a little earlier than we should have but I think we'll definitely add this to our special occasion rotation along with Remembrance Day.

Now I'm 24 hours behind on the podcast editing and I know you're all freaking out waiting for round three of the Global alcohol fest from episode 15. 16 coming up hopefully tonight.

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