Monday, 15 October 2012


Yesterday we broke out a game new to us. This past Summer I acquired D-Day and we kept putting it off, until now. I loved it. We're not too sure if we played it right, as the fighters seem overly powerful despite only rolling ones. That said I rolled a shit load of ones. Ray and I played the Allies as Mugzy was the frustrated Axis who got killed just about every time he tried to move through a fighter.

 All in all I found it to be a very fast paced game and would love to try it again.
 After D-Day we moved on to the old 42 with Ray as the Axis, Mugzy and I as the Allies. Tanks seem to be the thing in this game

 Russia has been holding her own for the time being but the Japanese are on their way. USA and UK have a good train coming into Europe now.
We had to call it a day and will continue next time where we left off. Usually when the Allies are well established around London the German menace is quite tame. Germany seems to be in pretty good shape though and Japan is back on the rise after loosing half it's navy. In two week we'll find out.

Edit: A sober Ray showed up Monday and declared the game an Allies victory, realizing the pinch Germany had on it and the state of Japan's advance. Congrats Mugzy, wherever you are.

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