Thursday, 15 November 2012

Remembrance Day 2012

11 November

This is the day we remember our fallen soldiers as well as the veterans that are thankfully still with us. They have given us their service and in so doing our freedoms. Here in Canada it is called Remembrance Day, in the USA it is Veterans Day, abroad it is Armistice Day. Whatever you call it and wherever you are from it falls on the day peace was declared in the First World War. We hold ceremonies for the soldiers who are with us and those who no longer are. Thank you all for your service. We have one or two special days set aside to honour you but you should be in our thoughts always. We are who we are because of you. Thank You.

Every year for the past few years Ray, Mugzy and I have gotten together on Remembrance Day to play Axis & Allies no matter what day it falls on but this year it came on a Sunday and in our rotation of alternate Sundays that we normally play on. I'm not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing but since Ray and I worked the night before we didn't get together until right before the 11:00 ceremonies in Ottawa. By the time we started rolling dice it was well past noon so we didn't take in quite the amount of alcohol we did for Victory Day last spring.

We decided to play Global 1940 with the 2nd edition set up and rules
I (Dave) was the Axis
Ray was the Pacific Allies
Mugzy was the Atlantic Allies

We did add Self Propelled Artillery as an option for purchase but not in the set up. They were 5IPC's each with movement of 2 and 2 on attack and defense, with the same boost to Infantry and Mechanized Infantry as regular Artillery.

 Italy could not hit a thing during their turn which set me back pretty hard.
 Japan on the other hand was doing amazing.

 Here are the painted neutrals in action.
 I wish I took a picture of this battle before we rolled dice. I was sunk if this attack by the USA had succeeded. In the end I out rolled Ray and that sealed the Allies fate. All those Marines were sunk shortly afterwards.
 I took a shot earlier at Queensland and this set me back a round. In the end the Japanese took and held their 6 Victory Cities, Calcutta being the last.

 A great time was had by all. The action from round 1 will be up tonight in podcast form. 

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