Sunday, 30 December 2012

Episode 49

Better late than never. A technical difficulty prevented this episode from coming to you on Friday. Those of you who didn't kill themselves will have the pleasure of listening to us play Classic Axis & Allies with a couple added rules to spice it up. Bonus cards and an easier path to technology. Ray is the Axis and Mugzy and I are the Allies.

HERE'S THE LINK to the direct download, or you can listen with the player at the right, if you're not on the mobile site that is.

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  1. Just found your Podcast David enjoying the banter. Did I see an Irish flag in your man cave or were my eyes deceiving me.


  2. That's the Tricolour alright boyo. We've also got a map of The Emerald Isle with Surnames placed in all the counties, (Hayes is in Donegal) and a guiness poster that we begged from the liquor store.