Friday, 7 June 2013

Episode 72

Round 8 from the marathon that is Axis & Allies 1914. Still sober but fear not folks the coming weeks will return us to the drunken messes that we truly are. Before I give out the Episode info I'd like to pimp the Boston Festival of Indie Games. The following links will tell you all you need to know about it. The deadline for registering is June 10th so if you're a game developer get on it!


Check out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE They've reached their goal by the looks of things but there are some sweet goodies for those who pledge at the $85 level and more money means an even better festival.

All the Festival info can be found HERE

Check out the Boston Indies site HERE

Press can register for the Festival for free HERE

The Boston Festival of Indie Games takes place September 14th form 10AM to 10PM at MIT Stratton Student Center, 84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

And now onto the Episode info:

Download Episode 72

Follow us on Twitter for game photos and play-by-play when I remember.

Our iTunes page is good for subscribing to the podcast.

And finally check out our iPhone app for free which MIGHT work on other devices if you save the page onto your desktop. Anyone with an Android or other device let me know if it works and we can just call it our mobile app.

Thanks for listening.

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