Friday, 3 January 2014

Episode 100

Well we made it, 100 episodes of this ridiculous junk. We've had fun over these last couple years playing the game but to be honest it's more about the drinking and the trashing Ray for an international audience. Seriously though I'm very grateful for all of you who listen to the podcast  and even though we'd still put this junk out whether you were here or not it's freaking awesome knowing we have listeners all over the world.

We didn't have a new episode to put out this week, due to the holidays we just couldn't manage to get together so what we have for you this week is my first attempt to record. I didn't have a laptop or a microphone so I just used voice memo from my iPhone. It's terrible quality but it's a cool blast from the past. We played a four player game of Spring 1942 with Ray and I, along with my son Jeff and Dan. Not sure when we played this game but it was at least 2-3 years ago. It's not a complete game nor are there any other recordings of subsequent rounds but I thought it would be a cool episode to air for our 100th episode. Hope you like it.

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