Monday, 21 November 2011

Ray and I

Yesterday we finished the game we started on Remembrance Day where I was the Allies and Ray was the Axis. Germany was very strong at the outset and looked to be able to hit Moscow if the 6 Japanese tanks on the east side of it attacked first off but Ray felt it would weaken things too much and sent the tanks down to India and built an IC as well as bringing the fleet to home waters. This forced Germany to split up and attack Karelia and the Caucasus as USSR could now afford to fan out and create buffers around the capital. Meanwhile the USA brought their fleet in to attack the entire Jap fleet at Tokyo and was about to re-grab the islands to the south when Ray pointed out that he couldn't believe I wasn't attacking his capital with the four Infantry I had in range. He had only two Inf at home so I said sure, why not? the result was the picture below and we set up again.

We switched sides and played the same game and set up: Anniversary 42.
I started this game off with a factory in Manchuria and a sweeping attack outwards from there. No Pearl Harbour but a buffer into Buryatia, and Chinese territories. Germany took everything it could reach the Cauc with and hammered it for one round then withdrew into Ukraine and brought in reinforcements. Russia took Finland but did not take out the German transport so Germany took it back. UK and USA kept hitting West Europe and France but stayed out of the Med and Germany hit the Caucasus again and took it for good. Japan kept up the pressure on China untill it was eliminated and then took India and brought the entire fleet home and kept building navy waiting for the USA which never came in force as it spent most of it's money on navy at Brazil. After placing units in the Cauc for one round Germany made it's attack into Moscow.
The Soviets had no way of taking it back but Britain and USA took out the massive transport fleet I bought for Germany in the Baltic thus could have maybe got a foothold however they did not follow up and eventually all Russian units were taken off the board and all Japan had to do was wait and build navy. Germany never got into UK in time though as Ray's ride showed up at 23:00.
Bad day for Ray as he got crushed twice.
Hopefully Mugsy can make it next week and we can try out Global 40 Alpha 3.

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