Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Remebrance Day!

I think my hangover is officially gone now 5 days later. We hit a lot of speed bumps that day, didn't get started until 11:00, lost a player to an emergency at home, re-started then didn't finish the 2 player game. Also killed a bottle of Vodka and many many beers of the world. As it stands Ray as Axis, me as Allies and into round 5 or 6 of Anniversary Edition '42 set up. The Germans are outside Moscow in force and the Japanese are on the other side with 6 tanks. If the Soviets can withstand this assault however they are in good shape as the Japanese have nothing else coming and are in very rough shape. The US Navy is all over the Pacific and Japan is collecting no N.O.'s and have none of China.

I just read that the rules in the Alpha 3 thread of the Harris Design Site are pretty much final. Hopefully we can get a game in soon I really want to give it a go. Might have a game this Sunday and might not.

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