Monday, 31 October 2011

Only America Was Safe

Yesterday we got in two games of Axis & Allies 1942. In the first game:
Mugsy and Ray were Allies
I was Axis
Japan had no pressure from UK and USA was contained with a navy that was just large enough. I failed with Japan to crush the fleet at Hawaii as I used my ships elsewhere but was still good enough as USA built mostly in Atlantic. These facts allowed me to send 4 fighters to Caucasus which sealed Russia's fate.
Germany built a factory in Norway to keep a supply of fighters surrounding UK and this mostly worked, they took Western Europe once but did not hold it. I managed to keep most of my aircraft throughout the game and rolled pretty well when the time came to invade Moscow.

With no hope of retaking, it was time to set up again.
Ray and I as Allies
Mugsy as Axis

Mugsy had bought an Aircraft Carrier first round for Germany and that was it. Ray failed to hit it in time and Germany invaded by round 3 with only 1 transport but a shit tonne of fighters.

USA took it back but as soon as UK collected income again the Germans re-invaded same as before with their one transport, 5 Fighters and 1 Bomber. This time their were no Allied units in range to retake it and Germany planted some Infantry and the game was over.

Washington was the only Allied capitol that was not plundered this day.

Our next game will fall on Rememberance Day in less than two weeks I'm hoping to have a finalized Alpha 3 to set up and we will be starting early, around 08:00 or so. 

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