Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Global Alpha 3

We had an aborted game on Sunday just passed. Mugsy had to take off at 20:00 but we got 4 rounds in and it's looking pretty good, Mugsy is the Axis and Ray and I are the Allies. Germany didn't go for a Sea Lion attack and went into Barbarossa mode in round 2. Japan also attacked the Allies in round 2 but didn't get too much going on the mainland. He has a pretty good navy and could hold off the USA for 4 or 5 more rounds I think. He's most likely doing this to kill time (and US cash) to get into Moscow which with these tanks he should do in a couple or four rounds.

We'll be continuing this game on the 16th as we have moved to a two week schedule. Kinda sucks as I would have liked to finish a Global game in one day but, whatayagonnado?

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