Monday, 17 October 2011

Global Continuation and Classic

Yesterday we finished the game we started last time of Global Alpha 3.
Mugsy as Axis
Ray and I as Allies
When we stopped last week Japan had amassed a large fleet at home and Germany was close to Moscow. The Germans continued on and the Soviets kept placing blocker units in the way and for one round bought some mech and tanks to counter attack with. This became a problem when an Italian tank came up and killed the blocker in front of Moscow leaving room for 8 Panzers to hit the Soviet capitol. First combat round killed two AA guns, in the second round of attack this was Germany's roll:
Yahtzee! and that's the end of Nazi aggression in Russia. In the West the Americans got a stronghold in Normandy and liberated France only to have the Italians take it back.
Japan took Sydney and this Battle was about to occur:
But the towel was thrown in.
After this we set up Classic.
Mugsy and I as Allies
Ray as Axis
UK was the major aggressor in this one as Africa was quickly cleaned up and much money was taken from Germany. As, Almost, always, Japan was huge but after Germany fell they were not quite in position yet to take Moscow.

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