Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Classic and Beer

Sunday we played Classic.
Ray and I were the Allies
Mugsy was the Axis

Due to laziness we set up from memory. I think we got it right. USSR's first move was to take Finland and although they executed it well I think E. Europe would have been better as it set Germany up with a ton of tanks to hit Karelia with.

So the Soviets hit first:

Then the Germans countered:

This is what was left:

Meanwhile UK abandoned India and sent everything they could to Egypt which took the African money away from Germany the entire game but set Japan up very well.
Japan opened with an all out attack on Hawaii and destroyed the navy there which didn't even record a hit. The next round however US built a few Subs and it was Japan that couldn't hit and the US sunk 2 Battleships, an Aircraft Carrier, a Sub and I think 2 fighters. This made The Axis a complete land force as Germany was down to 1 Bomber and no Navy while Japan had the same.
Japan did make it into Moscow and was holding 80 IPC at one point which restored their navy a little but the crushing cost of this might have made Mugsy think twice about it and build another IC. He didn't however and this allowed the UK to defend Moscow with 2 fighters with Jet power and Russia was allowed to get back in the game.

At one point we looked at the board and it looked very similar to the original set up. This depressed the Axis so much that they surrendered shortly afterwards.

We had a good time and will most likely go with AA42 or Anniversary in two weeks.

On a side not we recorded the game in audio and I'm going to try my hand at editing and posting it up as a podcast. I've never done audio editing before and the file is 8h40m so it's going to be a monster that will have to be broken up into probably 4 episodes. Wish me luck.

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