Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another Global Alpha Game

We started a new Global marathon this past Sunday with Mugsy as Axis and Ray and I as the Allies. The week leading up to the game I touched up the paint on the Soviet Infantry and made a new Russian Hero.

Since Germany went with the Aircraft Carrier round 1 UK bought nothing but infantry first round and I was afraid this would lose the Med for UK But I managed to hammer the Italian fleet and leave an AC off the coast of Italy and bring troops up to Greece. Italy threw its remaining fleet and fighters at the AC and didn't hit once, effectively crippling them for 3-4 rounds.
Japan massed their fleet at Carolines and went after ANZAC.

However they only had 1 transport and the Aussies took it back next round. Due to ANZAC holding their money first round though this meant Japan had a nice 30 IPC payday.
Japan bought a laboratory and on their first roll acquired Improved Shipyards which will make the Americans job difficult in the future.
UK also developed Long Range Aircraft.
With Italy neutered France had a little fun and we saw our first instance of a French roundel on the board.
Germany was slow to get to the eastern front and USSR took advantage taking the three borderlands and ended up collecting 58 IPC in round 4.
USA took its time building up a large navy and in round 4 came at the Japanese at home as the large fleet was too far away.
Japan meanwhile spent their ANZAC money on a major IC for Korea and went after the Soviets

Germany at start of round 6 just didn't have enough troops ready to go into Russia but over all the game was too close for us to call an advantage so we finished round 6 and called it a day.

Next weekend Ray and I are going up to the Field Marshal Games Convention in Oshawa so I wrote down the set up, and packed up the game and we'll continue this one in two weeks.

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