Monday, 23 April 2012

Field Marshal Games Convention 2012

This weekend Ray and I headed up to Oshawa for the Second Annual Field Marshal Games Convention! It was amazing! Big thanks to everyone involved for making such an awesome event. We thought travelling a couple hours was a big deal until we met Garantua, who flew in from British Columbia, Dave from San Francisco, and Clyde/Nolan who drove up 12 hours from Connecticut! We arrived Friday night and checked out the venue, the 420 Wing RCAF which was next to the Ontario Regiment (RCAC) Museum.

The next morning we arrived at the event and met a lot of the guys from the forums at as well as many people like us that love war games. We set up Global and got down to a 5 man game with Ray, Steven, and Albert as the Allies and Gerald and myself as the Axis. These are some pics from that game. As it was getting later in the evening, I decided as Germany to take my shot at Moscow and got my ass handed to me and we called it an Allies Victory.

Around 14:00 the Museum put on a show for us with an operational Sherman tank. It was awesome seeing it booting around! I was surprised at how quiet the engine was. I seem to recall there being a note in the promotional material about not being able to ride in the tank but Jeremy must have greased a few palms!

If anyone got to take a ride in it I'm glad it was him. This event took a lot of work and that's a Hell of a reward!
Here's some more pics from the museum

 This one's for sale only $2500 and it runs!

The table to our one side was the greatest this ever. It was put together by Field Marshal Jamie and if I ever thought that I've gone too far with the time and effort I put into my game, I think that no longer. I wish my camera could do it better justice but the board is made with elevations for land an sea, with the Himalaya's raised up and everything airbrushed,  the table top has pockets for the FMG Ammo Crate unit boxes and built in rolling boards. Covered in glass to protect the map it is the most beautiful A&A Anniversary map ever!

On the other side of us there was a big game of Global going on played by Surprise Attack, Vance, Trisdin, Jason, Clyde and Gargantua.

Sunday we slept in and were late we were supposed to get a game of Classic in with Clyde but because of our drunken tardiness (Sorry dude, too much Jameson Saturday night) he got into a different game and Ray and I met up with Dave T which turned out well because he said he's not too far from our home base and said he might be up to making a trip to the garage! Dave and I played the Allies and Ray was the axis. We took down Germany but it looked real grim for the Soviets as the tankfest rolled into Moscow but the Reds rolled their best dice of the day and then the following attack also failed. Most of the heavy work was done, however by the USA/UK. Allies win.

What a weekend! It was awesome. There were a lot of door prizes and I won some cool units from Historical Boardgaming and a sweet dice pouch from FMG which was perfect because my old one was too small now that the Canadian, French and ANZAC dice were available at the Con. I also picked up the Italian units from FMG, which look amazing!

I'll post pics of the stuff I picked up there after I get the latest podcast edited and uploaded. I can't wait to paint those Italians.

Here's a shot of all the loot I picked up and won at FMGC12. I sold 2 of the packs of Italians to Ray. Now we've got even more units to paint, those Italian tanks have swiveling turrets so I'll need to be careful with the paint!

It was a fantastic event and my hat is off to Jeremy and everyone else involved, thanks so much guys we're definitely coming next year!


  1. Great Blog... Thank you for coming to the Event. Very happy to meet you and the Dicetruction crew.


    Field Marshal Games

  2. Hey Dave, glad you enjoyed the weekend! All that work put into it paid off in the end with everyone having a great time!

    And yes, Jeremy DID grease some palms (so to speak) to get into that tank turret, the dirty bugger. lol. He was absolutely giddy afterwards too!

  3. Awesome blog, Nice to know that such a dedicated group is just down the road.

    Trisdin (Young Grasshopper).