Friday, 10 August 2012

Anniversary Edition 42 Setup

Last Sunday we got together and played a game of AA50/42. Ray was the Axis and Mugzy and I were the Allies. Ray tried something completely different with Japan and struck eastward in to the Pacific. He left the UK alone in India and didn't even buy an IC for the mainland, preferring to use transports instead. This was pretty effective in the early going and wiped out all of the USA's navy, however he didn't do the Euro-Axis any favours, as the India fleet slipped into the Mediterranean and crushed the Italian fleet and ended the cash flow chances from Africa. Not hitting the Soviets didn't help either as Mugzy pumped out artillery all over East Europe and eventually the USA got a foothold into Africa and then Berlin itself. 

 UK got it's ass handed to it in the form of Luftwaffe dominance but killed 4 fighters.

At this point, Germany might have taken Berlin back but they'd have lost it again, this time to the UK.

Heck of a game for the Allies and Ray felt good about trying something new but might need to tweek this particular strategy a bit.

UPS has informed me that my two new games are en-route. Field Marshal Games has shipped A&A 41 and A&A 42 2nd Edition and it should arrive Monday so we can play next Sunday and hopefully record. We might even have a couple extra players for a true 5 player game.   

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