Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Two New Games

I recently received the two new games from Field Marshal Games. A&A 41 and 42 2nd Edition. As well as some Canadian dice for Mugzy.
Here's the 42 game set up
The new Anti Aircraft Artillery
The 41 game Played first with my son Victor

He crushed me as the Axis. I didn't take enough pictures of that game though. Sorry.
The first game was Mugsy as the Axis in 42 2nd.

Ray and I were the Allies but didn't hammer Baltic States in the first round but stacked Leningrad.

This was the endgame. Axis (Mugzy) crushed like crazy and it was a short game.
Next we played 41 and I was the Axis. Crushed like crazy!
A Godzilla sized event occurred!!! 
Again there was not enough pics of the 41 game. Our consensus was that, yes the Axis was over powered but we thought it could be a really fun game given the small income of everyone, strategy would come more into play as units are far more dear when you are collecting so little. I'm not convinced that this game is broken but some serious thought is needed for a good Allies strategy.
Next we played 42 2nd ed again, this time with Ray as Axis vs Mugzy and I as Allies. There was a slight problem when Ray remembered that he needed to go home at midnight and shave his lady parts so Mugzy and I rolled for who would switch sides. I ended up staying as Allies.

Below is Mugzy brooding in his Red Wings gear at the tremendous Allied presence in the seas outside Berlin.
Once Britain took Berlin the Evil bastard surrendered and the Allies won their first victory of the day. In my infinite wisdom I hung the loss on Ray only and gave Mugzy and myself the win as he had a good hand in it. We ended up playing until 04:30 with a 13:00 start. A long ass day but many beers and many plastic soldiers were de-fucking-stroyed. 
All things considered, accent on the alcohol, we had a great time with the new games and love the new sculpts. Oddly the biggest hit of the new stuff was the new chips. The green chips are awesome and the smaller size really helps with fitting units into the territories. We are very happy with the new maps and the distortion in Europe really helps free up space in the shit-ton-of-plastic areas where the real action is.

Thanks to Mr. Larry Harris and Jeremy at FMG for the new games. We recorded the play of the first two games and the new episodes will be posted on September 7th-ish as the next couple weeks will be the end of the last game we recorded in June of Anniversary. Thanks for checking this out and for listening to the podcast if you do.

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