Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A New Game (Sort of)

As I had prior obligations out of town I did not think I`d be playing this past Sunday and Ray and Mugzy got together to play a game of Classic. It turns out I could make it and showed up just as Germany (Mugzy) was coming into Moscow.

They were playing with a mod that has extra developments and Japan got long range surface ships.

That pretty much spelled the end for the Allies as USA had no troops in Eastern USA and that meant Japan would be placing units in San Francisco next round. We cracked some Lithuanian beers and opened up a game we have only played once each, and not recently.

Axis & Allies Pacific from 2001

This is one from Ray`s collection. As I said we hadn`t played it in some time and because of that we had to spend a good amount of time going over the rules. The two biggest ones being original factories can pump out unlimited units, thus Hawaii`s factory puts USA very much closer to the action than most other games, and Japan`s first round attack being a surprise makes all defending units roll at one rather than their regular defense roll. So fighters defend at 1 Battleships, everything defends at one.

The scoring mechanism in the game is thus: The Allies win if they take Japan, simple. Japan has a few different ways to win. If I recall, and now that I think back I might be remembering wrong, if Japan takes a capital, San Fran, Calcutta or New South Wales, they win. They can also win by getting 22 Victory Points. They accumulate points one for every ten IPC`s they collect. 

We`re not sure if we got all they rules right but in the end the USA had a huge fleet off Philippines and Japan was pinned at home. Ray conceded and it being a quick win we decided this game sucks. For myself I`d like to look into mods for this game and to check if the rules were being followed. I like to mix it up and play different games all the time. Ray would rather play Classic every time and might not be convinced to put this one in the rotation. It has some very interesting rules and you can see some of the progression up the line to today`s games.

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