Sunday, 31 March 2013

Battle of the Bulge

Due to a scheduling conflict, Mugzy couldn't make it so Ray and I could have played one of the regular boring old A&A games that we always play but contrary to his feelings along those lines I decided we would play something we've never played before since we rarely have only two of us we went with a two player game: Battle of the Bulge.

This game has an entirely different dynamic that all other A&A games as it's played on a hexagon map and with 12 sided dice. Hit's are 6's or less but you can roll hits that all fall on one unit that could have hit several units. Also it takes 2 hits to kill most units and you can't move unless you bring in supply tokens.

The first game we played, I was the Germans and I feel I did pretty well and would have one if not for an egregious error that resulted in the Allies slipping in behind my lines and taking four points away from me right before I was ready to make the killing stroke, dropping me just under the 24 points required before round 8 ended.

Caesar break!

In game 2 Ray was the Germans and he never pressed forward fast enough. His highest point total was 3 and that's where he finished. He kept having trouble getting his trucks loose from the front lines and this resulted in entire sections of the frontline going without supplies to move a couple times. He threw the towel in in round 7.

Pretty fun game. I hope we got the rules right although the Allies Airforce seemed a little overpowered. We may play it again!

Episode 63 of the podcast will be the first 4 rounds of our second game and it should be up this Friday.

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