Saturday, 28 July 2012

2 Player Global

Last Sunday, sorry for the late post, Mugzy and I played a game of Global with the Alpha 3 rules from the Harris Game Design site. I was the Axis and Mugzy played the Allies. It was the playing debut of the fully painted Field Marshal Games Italians.

 I always feel lost as Japan in Global. Never sure when or where to declare war.

The blue pawn represents a large German force ready to load the 8 transports and the Beige pawn is the UK defense force in London.

I took London with 3 tanks left and a couple planes. This seriously slowed my push to Moscow though and would prove to be too costly to defend.

Meanwhile the Bully USA picks on a lone Japanese destroyer.

 The purple pawn is the Red Army coming towards Germany.

 Mugzy looks on as Japan flounders in the Pacific.

In the end there was little I could do to end the Soviet juggernaut's sweep through Europe. UK was knocked out of the game on both sides of the world and the USA never got to Europe, though they were in Africa, and Germany just couldn't get things going in the USSR. My conclusion is that Sea Lion costs too much and is not worth the gains.

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