Saturday, 14 July 2012

Episode 25

Victory Day continues, and surprisingly Ray is still out of his mind drunk. It's round 7 of the game of Classic where Randy joined us mid game last episode and took over a very strong Japan and helped Ray on the Axis side.

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We've got a few more episodes from Victory Day banked and a few from a game at Rays place from a couple weeks after that so we haven't recorded in quite a while. Mugzy is unavailable tomorrow but Ray and I hope to play Guadalcanal as it a two player game. I got that and D-Day from Larry Harris a short time ago with signed boxes and can't wait to try them out. We won't be recording however but hope to start again maybe next week when all three of us are together. Maybe I'll scrap the recorded episodes from Ray's place and we can have more up to date episodes. We played Anniversary that day but I'd like to record with the guys playing D-Day as none of us has any experience with it.

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