Sunday, 30 September 2012

2 and a Half Games and No Ray

Ray didn't show up today as Mugzy and I finished the game of AA50 from last time and played two games of AA42.2

 This little bastard killed a Russian Inf and two tanks.
 And to add insult to injury it took Moscow when I foolishly forgot to cover Novosibirsk.
 The Allies luck wasn't all bad though, USA got Improved Shipyards, and UK got Jet Fighters as well as Heavy Bombers.

 After this fight went poorly for Japan and Germany lost her Capitol, The Axis threw in the towel.

 After that we played two games of A&A 42 2nd Edition. Both games were won by the Axis but rather than declare the game broken we chalked it up to less than perfect Allied strategy. I don't think you need to play the Allies perfect you need to be pretty close.

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