Monday, 3 September 2012

Classic with the Cards Mod

Yesterday we played 2 games of Classic Axis & Allies with a mod Ray added years ago. Ray made up a bunch of cards with bonuses. We pay 3 IPC for one or 2 for 5. The cards might give a bonus such as Battleships attack at 5 or a troop bonus such as one that gives Germany 2 Infantry, 2 tanks and 2 fighters in Berlin. You can sometimes, in fact often, buy a card that benefits your enemy. This in fact screwed us once as we were ready to go into Berlin and we bought a card at the beginning of UK's turn and pulled the above boost to Germany's defenses.

This game saw Ray and I as the Allies and Mugzy as Axis.

 I replaced our old beer cap scoreboard with the scoreboard from my blown up 42 map, which is glued to a cookie sheet and hung on the wall so it's out of the way, magnets on the bottom of the Infantry keep them up and out of the way.
 Round one went well for UK in Africa and the Mediterranean but poorly for Russia.

 After 3 rounds Germany was ready and took out Moscow. Japan faltered but it didn't matter.

 This was the killer. Germany had a transport just outside the Mediterranean and could bring in 2 Infantry. USA got cocky and left only 2 Infantry to defend. Mugzy took a chance and got a hit in the first round and the second hit in the third round. I got no hits as you can see. It was such a rookie mistake that I feel like a total idiot telling it. This, to my knowledge, is the first time in any of our games that Washington has fallen.
 We had a small chance to take it back but figured it wouldn't matter too much so we didn't even roll any UK dice. Well done Mugzy!
 Next game I moved over to take USSR and Pacific USA, Mugzy got UK and Eastern USA while Ray took Axis. USSR would not lose Karelia fist round this time!
 Mugzy got a huge break and kept his fleet while taking out a lot of Luftwaffe and gaining an extra Carrier due to cards. He came into Berlin but Ray had 3 fighters in the Berlin blow up box that they forgot about after UK won. They re-rolled and UK's dice weren't as hot.

 Russia was in serious danger by round 3 or 4.

 Japan went hog wild in this game and was collecting 60+ but Germany was gone by this point. It was a strange game that saw no Soviets or Nazis on the board at one point, the Japanese were in Brazil and Africa but couldn't deal with the British shit storm of tanks that were coming and resigned.

It's fun as Hell breaking out the old game from time to time and we had an awesome day. Ray introduced me to a Nova Scotia culinary masterpiece called a Donair. Frigging awesome. In two weeks we'll pick up the dice again and hopefully Russia will have a better go of it, unless of course I'm the Axis.

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