Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Guy Adam

Last Sunday we got one and a half games in and had a new player, Adam. The first game was Classic and to spice it up a bit we used the National Objectives from the second edition rules. Ray and I were the Axis and Mugzy and Adam were the Allies.
 Japan took over India pretty quick.
 The big Karelia fight didn't go too well for the Germans

 In the end the Japanese were collecting way too much money and had the hammer on Moscow so the Allies threw in the towel.
 Next we played the 41 set up for Anniversary. Ray and I remained partners but switched teams. Mugzy and Adam were the Axis this time.

 Japan is doing pretty well but haven't pushed too hard into USSR. USA is merely trying to keep up with the navy of Japan while building on their Norway factory to hit Poland.

 Adam had to take off after a couple rounds and Ray took off around midnight. Mugzy and I continued until about 3 AM when we called it. the game has been saved until next Sunday.

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