Thursday, 13 September 2012


I got my neutrals from HBG last week and decided to paint them up. I didn't really look into any historical uniforms for the 4 different paint schemes except to google pictures of any Mongolian Infantry I could find. The only pictures I saw were of a blue and red type uniform that after given my personal interpretation resulted in a soldier that looks more at home protecting the Cobra Comander that the Hordes of Gengis Khans decendants. Here they are. I highly recomend picking these up from HBG to enhance your games. Neutral units are, of course, not necessary for game play but we like our shit to look cool as Hell.


  1. Great job on the painting! Cool as hell!

  2. listend to your podcast. i bought 2 copys of 41 just for the tigers and the US P40's. I am a sucker for new pieces. you guys crack me up. Do your group do Gen Con or Orgins? thanks for the site.

  3. Thanks for listening! Last April Ray and I were at the Field Marshal Games Convention in Oshawa Ontario. We'll be dragging Mugzy there next year but we've never been to any of the big ones. I'd like to someday but I don't see it happening until all the kids have flown the coop.